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Welcome to LOST - IRELAND


"Main Characters"                                                             Click here for secondary characters

ANA-LUCIA CORTEZ - played by Michelle Rodriguez

Ana-Lucia, a cop from USA, meets Jack in the airport bar before boarding Flight 815. They agree to meet for a drink on the plane, but miss that opportunity when the plane breaks apart in mid-air and crashed on the island. Ana survives the crash in the tail section of the plane, which lands in the ocean just off the beach on a separate part of the island than the middle section. Ana quickly becomes a leader of the tail section group. The first night they are on the island, they are attacked and three people are taken away - and Eko kills two attackers. On night 12, they are attacked again, and nine more are taken. In the second attack, Ana kills one of the attackers and finds a list of names and an old US ARMY knife.

MR. EKO - played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje

Mr. Eko is anther from the rear section survivors from Flight 815. He appears to be an experienced tracker, and aids Jin through the jungle to find Michael. Eko also leads the 'tallies' to the middle section survivor's area. Along the way, when Sawyer passes out, Eko goes against Ana-Lucia, and helps Jin and Michael build a stretcher for Sawyer. Eko appears to be someone of compassion and respect. Ana-Lucia blames Eko for Cindy's abduction, telling him he choose to help Sawyer despite the risk it placed on everyone else.

LIBBY - played by Cynthia Watros

Libby was a tail section passenger on Oceanic Airlines Flight 815. Immediately following the crash, she sets the broken leg of another survivor, Donald, who dies a few days later. After twelve fellow tail-section survivors are abducted by the "Others", Libby is one of the five remaining when Jin, Sawyer and Michael encounter them. On the way to the second station, Libby talks with Michael and tells him there were 23 survivors from the rear section of the plane. As they hike to the middle section survivor's camp, Libby talks to Sawyer and tells him his wound isn't good, but that it isn't too bad either. When Sawyer passes out, she helps Michael and Jin with the stretcher. She submits to Ana-Lucia's leadership, following orders without question.

JACK SHEPARD - played by Matthew Fox

Jack is a spinal surgeon at St. Sebastian Hospital who appears to have ties to Los Angeles as well as Boston. Jack's father, Christian, also a surgeon, lost his job when Jack informed a medical board that his father was under the influence of alcohol during surgery which resulted in the death of a patient. On the island, Jack has emerged as a reluctant leader amongst the survivors. After discovering an inland cave with fresh water, Jack convinces many of the survivors to move into the caves. Others decide to stay at the beach, splitting the survivors into two groups

KATE AUSTIN - played by Evangeline Lilly

Kate has been on the run from one thing or another since she was a teenager. Exactly who she is running from, or why, isn't clear. Kate was an Army brat, her father stationed in Fort Lewis, WA. Her maiden name, as far as we know, is Kate Austin. Some time later, Kate organizes what appears to be a bank robbery. Once she gains access to the vault, however, it is clear she is after a lone safety deposit box. Inside is the toy airplane which the marshal had picked up and placed in the New Mexico bank. On the island, Kate has formed a bond with Jack and Sawyer and shown some leadership skills. However, she has also been dishonest and scheming to keep her secrets well hid, and to make sure she isn't caught again. Kate helped Sun poison Jin to free a spot on the raft for herself so she wouldn't be on the island when rescuers came. Sawyer, who was taking heat for the poisoning, exposed Kate for who she really is

SAYID JARRAH - played by Naveen Andrews

Sayid was born in Baghdad, Iraq and served in the Republican Guard during the Gulf War. After the war, he continued to serve in the guard. During a routine investigation into a bombing, he discovered that his childhood friend, Nadia, was a subject for interrogation. Sayid betrayed the guard and freed Nadia, and then left Iraq.
On the island, Sayid's technical expertise has become a vital tool to the group of survivors. Using his skills, he was able to discover a radio transmission on the island. He also was able to create a radar for the rafters to use as they sailed away from the island. In addition, Sayid discovered and befriended Danielle, who has apparently been on the island for sixteen years.

JAMES "SAYWER" FORD - played by Josh Holloway

Sawyer was born in 1968. His life would be defined by a tragedy that took place in 1976. One night, his father came to the house James and his mother were staying at. As he hid under his bed, James heard his father shoot his mother. His father then came into the room James was hiding in, sat on the bed, and shot himself. The reason for the murder-suicide was due to James' mother falling for a con-man's scheme. James vowed to get revenge on the con-man who ruined his family, a man he only knew as 'Sawyer'. On the island, Sawyer quickly adapts to their new environment and hoards as much equipment and supplies as he can. He uses these to barter with the other survivors and maintain some control over them. He has also become an avid reader, devouring the books 'A Wrinkle in Time' and 'Watership Down'. Sawyer was able to barter himself a spot on Michael's raft, and left with Jin, Michael, and Walt

JOHN LOCKE - played by Terry O'Quinn

Locke grew up in various foster homes and didn't know his real father and mother until he was an adult. One day, his mother approached him and told Locke he was immaculately conceived. This prompted Locke to hire a PI and take a look into his background, and the background of his real parents. Locke is returning home when flight 815 breaks up and crashes on the island. Miraculously, Locke regains the use of his legs on the island, and becomes a survival leader amongst the group. Locke has what he feels is a connection with the island. He survived an encounter with the monster, and has had visions while on the island. While searching for Claire, Locke and Boone discover a hatch buried in the jungle. Keeping it a secret, they work on uncovering the hatch, and try to open it. Unable to open it, Locke and Boone follow a vision Locke had of a plane crashing on the island. They find the plane, and Locke temporarily loses the use of his legs. Boone has to go into the plane alone, where he discovers a working radio. As Boone makes radio contact with someone, the plane falls off a cliff, fatally injuring Boone.

MICHAEL DAWSON - played by Harold Perrineau

Michael has worked as an artist, and in construction. Although they never married, Michael and Susan Lloyd lived together and had a child, Walt. Susan decided to leave Michael, taking Walt, in order to pursue a job in Amsterdam. Over the years, Michael attempted to keep in touch with his son, but Susan hid all the letters Michael sent. Susan died, and Brian (her husband) didn't want to take care of Walt. Brian showed up in New York to ask Michael to fly to Australia and take Walt. On the island, Walt and Michael go through some rough times as Walt rebels against his father, even going so far as to set the first raft on fire. As they spend more time together, however, Walt and Michael began to form a bond and grow closer to one another. When The Others ambush the raft at sea, Michael tries to save his son, but is no match for the mysterious kidnappers.

CHARLIE PACE - played by Dominic Monaghan

Charlie was part of a band, along with his brother Liam, in the UK called Driveshaft. As they rose to fame, Charlie eventually followed his brother's footsteps into the world of sex, drugs and rock n' roll - eventually becoming hooked on heroin. Liam became a father, and cleaned up his act, bringing about an end to Driveshaft. On the island, with the help of Locke and Jack, Charlie is able to kick his addiction. However, when he is searching for Aaron with Sayid, he stumbles upon a plane full of heroin - awakening the temptation inside him. Charlie and Claire have a close friendship that might be building into something more. Charlie has become very protective of Claire, and her child, Aaron. Claire and Charlie were abducted by Ethan on the island, before Aaron was born. Charlie was hung, and rescued by Jack and Kate. Claire eventually escaped and returned to camp, but then Ethan showed up and threatened Charlie, demanding Claire be returned. After Ethan was caught, Charlie shot him several times, killing him.

BOONE CARLISLE- played by Ian Somerholder (Deceased, Season 1)

Boone was born in 1981. When he was a kid, his nanny, Theresa, broke her neck on the stairs, something which Boone carried guilt for all his life. In 1992, Boone's mother married Shannon's father. Over the years, Boone and Shannon's relationship crossed the boundaries of brother and sister. Boone held a deep love and sense of protectiveness for Shannon. He bailed her out of trouble more than once, and although they didn't always get along, Boone always took care of Shannon. They have an odd hate/love sort of relationship. On the island, Boone becomes Locke's right hand man. Together, they explore the island, hunt, and discover The Hatch. Unable to open the Hatch, Boone and Locke go on a mission through the jungle to find a plane Locke saw in a vision.

HURLEY "HUGO" REYES- played by Jorge Garcia

A year before flight 815, Hurley uses the numbers to win a lottery in California. From that point on, Hurley seems to be under a blessing and a curse that he believes is due to him using the numbers. Hurley appears to have incredibly good luck, however, those around him suffer injury and death. Hurley was travelling back to the states in time for his mother's birthday when flight 815 crashed. When Hurley saw the numbers scribbled on Danielle's maps, he decided to hunt down Danielle and find out what the numbers were. Danielle informed Hurley that the numbers were being broadcast from the tower by the Black Rock before she changed the transmission. She also agrees with Hurley that the numbers seem to be cursed. When Locke and Jack decide to blow the hatch open with dynamite, Hurley tries to stop them at the last moment when he sees the numbers imprinted on the side of the hatch. Locke ignores Hurley and lights the fuse, opening the hatch.

WALTER LLOYD - Malcolm David Kelley

Walt was born on August 24, 1994. When he was very young, his mother left his father and took Walt with her. They spent time in Amsterdam and Italy before moving to Australia. Along the way, she married Brian Porter. When Walt's mother died in 2004, Brian decided he couldn't be Walt's father, and asked Michael to take Walt. According to Brian, strange things happen around Walt. Walt also seems to have formed a special bond with his dog, Vincent. Walt has also formed a bond with Locke, although it has weakened as Locke has focused on the hatch, and Walt has decided to help his father with the raft. When the rafters set sail, they soon run into The Others, fifteen miles offshore. The Others take Walt, and leave the other rafters stranded in the ocean after setting their raft ablaze.

SHANNON RUTHERFORD - Maggie Grace (Deceased, Season 2)

Shannon was born in 1983, and when she was 8 her father married Boone's mother. Shannon's father passed away while she was still young, after marrying Boone's mother. It appears that Jack's future fiancée, Sarah, was involved in an accident with Shannon's father (Adam Rutherford) that resulted in his death. Shannon and Boone had an odd relationship over the years, that sometimes went beyond the bounds of brother and sister. Some time prior to flight 815, Shannon lived in St. Tropez, France. Eventually she ends up living in Sydney, where she cons Boone into coming to 'rescue' her from an abusive relationship. Shannon can be very cruel and manipulative to get what she wants. At the airport, she was responsible for having Sayid pulled out of line and questioned. On the island, she uses Charlie to get food for herself. Yet, she is also dependent on Boone to save her from herself. She has asthma, and has often depended on Boone to take care of her over the years in coping with her condition.

SUN KWON - Yunjin Kim

Sun is married to Jin-Soo Kwon, but, before flight 815, Sun was planning on leaving Jin. She had secretly been learning English, and had an escape set in place at the Sydney airport. Their relationship had been spiralling into despair as Jin became more and more involved with the mafia style business he was forced into by Sun's father. On the island, their relationship is further strained when Jin feels that Sun and Michael have feelings for one another. Things blow up when Jin is accused of burning Michael's first raft, and Sun speaks English to defend Jin. Jin realizes that Sun has been hiding this from him, and distances himself from Sun.

JIN KWON - Daniel Dae Kim

Jin comes from a poor family in Korea. He falls in love with Sun, but in order to marry he and provide for her, he has to agree to work for Sun's father, Mr. Paik. Jin soon realizes that Sun's father runs a mafia-style business and before he knows it, is caught in the position of being an enforcer for Mr. Paik. As he is forced into the lifestyle of a mafia enforcer, he is also forced to keep Sun from knowing what he does for her father. On the island, Jin has become sort of an outsider due to his inability to speak or understand English. He separates himself and his wife from the group, but ultimately feels betrayed when he learns his wife has secretly learned to speak English. After learning this, Jin becomes further isolated. When Michael's first raft is burnt up, Jin becomes a suspect due to the rift that had developed between him and Michael. Ironically, though, Michael and Jin become good friends as Jin helps Michael construct a new raft. Before leaving on the raft, Jin and Sun reconcile.


Claire and her boyfriend Thomas broke up soon after she became pregnant about eight months before flight 815. A psychic, who at first refuses to see Claire, becomes concerned that her baby remain with its mother. Claire, at this point, has already decided to place the baby for adoption. The psychic pays Claire a large sum of money to travel to LA where he says there is a couple waiting to adopt the baby. Once flight 815 crashes, Claire is stranded on the island with the other survivors, and is forced to keep the baby. While she is still pregnant, Claire is kidnapped by Ethan, but eventually escapes and returns. She gives birth to Aaron, who is soon kidnapped by Danielle before Sayid and Charlie recover him.