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Welcome to LOST - IRELAND


LOST producers lobby for schedule change

According to Digital Spy the producers of Lost are seeking a new scheduling model for the show in the US to curb the frequency of repeats.

Most US series, including Lost, typically air 22 new episodes each season over a period of 36 weeks, meaning that new episodes are often punctuated with repeats of old episodes. US Lost fans have complained that having to wait many weeks for a new episode has ruined their enjoyment of the show. 24 has successfully avoided the problem by delaying its return from September to January each year before airing its full season without interruption. Although Lost's broadcaster, ABC, is unwilling to adopt a similar strategy, show producers have come up with a compromise solution.

"We're lobbying ABC for when the show is on, it's on, and when it's off, it's off," exec producer Damon Lindelof told E! Online. "So, we want to air it in three acts next year. You know, blocks of seven, seven and eight. But in order to do that, we have to roll the show out in October instead of September, and hopefully that will work out.

Posted By: Lostie  09/04/06

LOST DVD - Season 2 Part 1 Release Date

LOST SEASON 2 PART 1 DVD (Region 2) is to be released on July 17th 2006. The 4 disk set will contain the the first 12 episodes from Season 2 along with bonus features. It is currently retailing at £26.99 (38.96) and can be pre-ordered here

Posted By: Lostie  22/04/06


LOST continues to pull in the viewers

LOST is still proving to be a huge ratings hit for RTE 2 with the week ending April 2nd pulling in 462,000, placing it first for the week ahead of the Podge and Rodge Show and Desperate Housewives. The figures had dipped in recent weeks but latest ratings show its as popular as ever with the fans. Full ratings for all the episodes from Season 2 are as follows:

06/02/06 SPECIAL: Destination Lost 378,000
06/02/06 Man of Science, Man of Faith 471,000
13/02/06 Adrift 332,000
20/02/06 Orientation 386,000
27/02/06 Every Body Hates Hugo 394,000
13/03/06 ...And Found 344,000
20/03/06 Abandoned 352,000
27/03/06 The Other 48 Days 462,000
03/04/06 Collision,
coming soon

Posted By: Lostie  12/04/06


UK Season 2 airdate announced

According to Digital Spy Channel 4  will air Season 2 in a new Tuesday night slot at 10pm beginning on May 2. E4 will continue to preview new episodes each week at 11pm on Tuesdays. Channel 4 is switching Lost from Wednesdays to Tuesdays in order to bring it back several months earlier than planned.

The second season of the cult US show was originally slated to begin in July following the conclusion of Desperate Housewives but was moved forward to the Spring to satisfy viewer demand.

Posted By: Lostie  09/04/06


Fox to star in new movie

LOST star Matthew Fox has been cast opposite Matthew McConaughey in a new movie entitled "We Are Marshell" about the real-life tragedy involving the West Virginia-based Marshall University American Football team. The Hollywood Reporter says that the film is about the events which followed the 1970 air crash which killed 37 members of the Marshall team, their entire coaching staff, commentators and fans. In total, 75 people died in the crash.
McConaughey is to play Jack Lengyel, the coach who tries to rebuild the team; Fox will play his colleague, Red Dawson

For more information on the movie, click here

Posted By: Lostie  12/04/06